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Editorial Reviews on Off and Running

From Publishers Weekly

In this episodic romp from Edgar-finalist Reed (The Marquis de Fraud), struggling writer Jack Dillon gets the opportunity to collaborate on the bio of retired TV icon Walt Stuckey, but to finish the job he’s going to have to kidnap Walt from the aged star’s home in the Hollywood Hills and survive a gauntlet of bullets from California’s Mount Whitney to Death Valley. Since the actor’s narcissistic, bullying son, Garrett, obviously wants to control every facet of his father’s life and isn’t about to give Jack the break he needs, the desperate author grabs Walt and takes off. Along for the ride is Walt’s much younger romantic interest, Mary, who has her own agenda. In pursuit are the local badge and the feds, plus the almost cartoonish menace of Garrett—and the ex-military hit man Garrett hires. Jack’s writing problems sometimes slow the action, but once the hunt heats up, the plot is—to quote the tagline from Walt’s once hugely popular show—off and running. (Aug.)

From Booklist

Bizarre showbiz-family dysfunction offers plausibility to the wild plot, which ultimately involves media czar William Paley, Bebe Rebozo, and the dirty tricksters in the Nixon White House. Somehow it all works. Great fun.

Other Reviews

Los Angeles Times, May 13, 2001
The mix is a winner. The passion pushing the heroes and the resulting action is as clear and riveting as a photo finish.

The Midwest Book Review, May 2001
The ending produced a perfectly contented sigh from this reviewer, the Author knows how to make his stories dance.

Book Description
San Francisco trainer Cliff Dante figures his luck is turning — he has a fast horse and two new clients to back his action. What he doesn’t know is, one of his clients is a con man and a killer. The Marquis de Fraud is the story of three friends, a lightning fast colt and a scheme to make them all rich.

From the Publisher
Based on a true story, THE MARQUIS de FRAUD is not only a riveting novel of betrayal, but an accurate portrait of the backside of the track. Our editors worked closely with author Philip Reed, spending hours at California race tracks interviewing trainers, jockeys and handicappers. The book was read by experts in the thoroughbred horse field to make sure all the details — and the sweep of the action — was accurate. We believe the result is a richly detailed, highly emotional novel that will be read and enjoyed for years.